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SpinFizz – infinite water slide & universal Zorbing device

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SpinFizz – infinite water slide & universal Zorbing device

SpinFizz is a steel construction consisting of a frame with two powerful motors and a giant ring couple rotating an inflatable Drum (cylinder).

The device is run by 3-phase electric power and controlled by a hand-held unit allowing the operator to adjust the direction of rotation and speed from 1 to 35 revs per minute.

SpinFizz is very compact – the machine weighs only 400 kg including the Drum and requires only 5 x 5 metres of space including a safety zone on each side.

SpinFizz is easy to move and use – due to the low weight it is simple to transport and to assemble – anywhere you want. Set it up in a mall, a city centre, on the beach, next to a pool or in an adventure park. Inflate the Drum, plug in and start spinning your guests!

SpinFizz is a universal Zorbing device and provides all three different zorbing experiences:

SpinFizz water ride – the human cocktail maker: pour some water into the Drum and shake the folks. It is like a long, transparent water slide or a washing cycle. Lots of fizzy pleasure on hot days – 200 metres of water sliding per minute!

SpinFizz harnessed ride – the extreme: seated on a foam pad the rider experiences the real zorbing feeling. The Drum was designed for easy access and excellent visibility. Feel the g-forces and spin your mind in your own universe.

SpinFizz fitness (energy) ride – the active and sporty zorbing experience. Run like a hamster in the rotating Drum while the rotation speed is measured. Due to the open sides the Drum provides optimal ventilation for the runner.


  • Steel chassis with 2 electric motors
  • Steel – stainless steel ring couple
  • Steps – mobile with wheels
  • Control unit and inverter in an electrical cabinet
  • Remote control
  • Inflatable Drum (cylinder) – model: Sunshine, Orange or Black Hole
  • Various accessories


Ships in 20-feet container or truck or van + trailer


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